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Business and Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Illinois – Tenacious Representation of Businesses in Lawsuits

Although Chicago Area Business Litigation Attorney Richard J. Arendt offers legal counsel and crafts contracts designed to mitigate litigation risks, our law firm is prepared to aggressively represent our clients’ interest in litigation of commercial disputes. We recognize that even the most skillfully business planning and drafting of business agreements cannot insulate a company from all exposure to lawsuits. Business litigation takes many forms including breach of contract and non-performance of duties that arise from statute or operation of law.

Mr. Arendt has extensive litigation skills and expertise founded on 38 years of legal experience. Our Illinois business litigation law firm operates based on the principle…READ MORE

Our representation of businesses in many industries has furnished Mr. Arendt with the knowledge of a wide array of industry specific regulations, standards, and established practices. Although we handle the full spectrum of commercial litigation issues, examples of some of the cases we handle include:

• Breach of Contract
• Anti-Trust and Trade Regulations
• Franchise Litigation
• Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations
• Corporate Litigation
• Lender Liability Claims
• Securities Litigation (including investor/broker fraud)
• Intellectual Property Disputes
• Injunction Practice
• RICO and Consumer Protection Litigation
• Real Estate and Tax Assessment
• Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices… READ MORE