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Business Law, Employment Law and General Contact Law

Business Law

Business Solutions Based on 38 Years of Experience & Expertise Facing Complex and Challenging Legal Issues

Based on nearly four decades of experience, Mr. Arendt has the knowledge and expertise to help guide business owners to cost-effective, creative, and practical solutions to business issues and commercial disputes. Our law firm works closely with clients to acquire an understanding of their business, market conditions, and industry, so we can help our clients accurately evaluate their strategic and legal options. Our record successfully assisting many businesses in a wide range of commercial transactions and litigation matters has furnished our firm with a realistic basis for the assessment of the benefits, costs and merits of prospective business solutions…READ MORE

Employment Law

The relationship between an employee and an employer can be a complex matter that involves issues regarding the how a company is managed and have serious future implications for an employee’s and a company’s financial future. Moreover, the employer-employee relationship is governed by a maze of laws and administrative agencies. Employment law litigation, if an issue reaches that stage, can be filled with unexpected contingencies and involve not only financial, but also emotional and manpower costs for everyone involved…READ MORE

General Contract Law

Constructing Contracts That Mitigate Liability Risks & Maximize Profitability

At the Law Office of Richard J. Arendt, we recognize that the financial success of our clients is closely tied to the quality of their contractual relationships with vendors, clientele, employees, and others. Mr. Arendt has nearly four decades of legal experience providing reliable counsel based on his analysis of potential contract terms and language.

We understand that our ability to provide the best legal advice to our business clients rests on acquiring an in-depth understanding of their business goals, concerns, and market. Mr. Arendt communicates closely with clients to obtain the information we need to maximize the value of our representation when negotiating and evaluating contractual terms for our clients. Our focus on listening to our clients and developing outside the box innovative solutions promotes skillful drafting that avoids ambiguity and costly disputes…READ MORE

Environmental Law

Business owners have to contend with numerous regulations and agencies that they have to ensure compliance with in order to maintain their operations. One of these regulations is environmental in nature and may issue from both federal and state agencies. Depending on the nature of your business, there are a variety of environmental laws and complex procedural and registration requirements that you may have to comply with…READ MORE