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Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning

Estate Planning – Providing Accurate and Timely Legal Advice

Many people fail to develop a comprehensive estate plan despite its valuable role in protecting the financial legacy that took a lifetime to build. Estate planning is vital to ensure the smooth transfer of your assets to your loved ones, protection of your assets from creditors, and the honoring of your wishes regarding extraordinary medical procedures and end-of-life decisions. Chicago Estate Planning Attorney Richard J. Arendt has been providing sound legal advice, effective estate planning strategies, and artfully drafted estate planning documents for 38 years…READ MORE

Business Succession Planning

Businesses rise and fall based on who is at the helm. If the owner driving the business dies unexpectedly or becomes otherwise unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities, the establishment usually suffers because there was no plan in place to find an equally effective replacement or for ownership to pass from one set of hands to another. A well-crafted and thoughtful succession plan may be the key to the survival of a business through the chaos of transition…READ MORE