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Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation

Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away, family members face the prospect of navigating the court-supervised administration process guided by state intestacy law or the decedent’s will. Many people devise a living trust to avoid the expense, delay, and lack of privacy associated with formal probate proceedings. Although a living trust is administered outside the courtroom, trust administration still involves management and distribution of the trust by the successor trustee. Chicago Estate Administration Lawyer Richard J. Arendt has nearly forty years of legal experience, which includes providing legal advice and guidance to executors and trustees engaged in performing their fiduciary duties…READ MORE

Probate and Trust Litigation

Illinois Contested Probate and Trust Proceedings

When you are represented by Cook County Probate Litigation Attorney Richard J. Arendt, you benefit from our success representing beneficiaries, heirs, trustees, executors and other parties involved in trust or probate litigation. While estate planning documents like trusts and wills are designed to provide a roadmap for the orderly disposition of a person’s financial legacy to loved ones, charities, and family, these documents might not reflect the intention of a spouse or parent who passes away. Litigation might be necessary when aging parents lack the mental capacity to know what they want. Similarly, excessive persuasion might lead to manipulation or coercion of a parent who creating a legacy succession document that is inconsistent with his or her intentions…READ MORE