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Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, and Tax Law

Tax Planning and Preparation

Effective Tax Planning & Avoidance Strategies

While it may be true that taxes are a certainty, this does not mean that effective tax planning and legitimate tax avoidance strategies cannot minimize your tax liability.  When clients seek out Chicago Tax Attorney Richard J. Arendt, they anticipate sophisticated and effective tax planning, counseling, and litigation services when confronting issues involving the IRS, state, and/or local tax entities.  Because the tax policies and regulations that impact businesses and individual are constantly in flux, Mr. Arendt remains abreast of changes in tax regulations and significant tax court decisions.  Our law firm provides estate planning and administration services to individuals and legal advice in business matters, so we are uniquely qualified to deal with a broad range of tax issues in both a personal and business context…READ MORE

Complex Personal and Business Tax Returns Based on Tax Saving Strategies

Clients trust Mr. Arendt because he has 38 years of legal experience, which includes working with an extensive array of business entities and individuals handling complex tax issues.  The diversity of the engagements in which we advise clients on international, federal, state, and local taxation include the following…READ MORE